Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Karl Dickhaut, Missing Ancestor

In April 2016 I again flew to SLC to see what I could find of my Missing Ancestor, Karl Dickhaut. I did locate a baptismal record for the elusive Karl Dickhaut in Germany with the help of a library volunteer. I'm not certain this is the right Karl Dickhaut. Karl would be my gr-grandfather, the father of William Carl Jacob Dickhaut aka Lieberknecht. (my maternal grandfather), Hermann and Agnes.

William thought he was born in New Jersey, and perhaps he was, but in 2017, I discovered a baptismal record in a church record in Philadelphia.  The parents were Karl Dickhaut and Auguste Wilhelmine Ottilie Reinecke. And then I found a marriage record for Karl Kaspar Dickhaut and Wilhelmine Auguste  Ottilie Reinecke in Philadelphia at the same church, Salem Zion United Church of Christ.  The witness was the same man who was also the sponsor at William's baptism, Jacob Oesterle.  Here's the timeline for Karl & Ottilie:

Marriage record for Carl Dickhaut and Wilhelmine Auguste Ottilie Reinecke. Salem Zion Church of Christ.

1867 13 January - Marriage in Philadelphia, PA - Salem Zion United Church of Christ. Historical Society of Pennsylvania record collection 1708-1985. Ancestry.com.
1868  Birth and Death of the first son, Paul, in Philadelphia
William Carl Jacob Dickhaut baptismal record. 

1869  26 June -Baptism of William Carl Jacob Dickhaut. Sponsors: Jacob & Johanna Oesterle.
1870  1870 US Census, Winslow, Camden Co., New Jersey
1873  Son Hermann born - record not found (Later census records state he was born in Pennsylvania.)
1875  Daughter Agnes born - record not found. (Later censuses and a marriage record state she was born in Nebraska.)

1874 Philadelphia City Directory. I'll put that info here when I find it.

After 1875, I cannot find Karl Dickhaut.  However, in 1877, I did find Witness/Sponsor Jacob Oesterle in an Omaha, Nebraska City Directory with Mrs. Carl Shultz at the same address. 
By 1878 Ottilie Schultz has married George Lieberknecht in Omaha, Nebraska. The 1880 US census for Omaha shows George Lieberknecht with a family of Ottilie, wife, William, Hermann, and Agnes as children. There is also Jacob and Johanna Oesterle living in Omaha in 1880 Census. 

Truly a mystery of whatever happened to Karl Dickhaut and how Ottilie acquired the surname Shultz/Schultz. 

My DNA results reveal close cousin matches to a Dickhart and a Deckhart, but of course, there are no trees for either matched cousin.  

More about Jacob Oesterle: In a US Passport Application #20930 dated 11 April 1873, he states his birth date as 18 May 1834 in Koenigsbach, Baden and that he is a US Naturalized citizen. A Hamburg Passenger List shows him departing Hamburg on the ship Cimbria on 10 September 1873 for a New York port. His occupation is listed as a metzger (pork butcher).  1880 Omaha Census he is listed with Johanna. A death record index for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1803-1915 at Ancestry.com has him listed as born about 1834, died 21 June 1898 in Philadelphia, PA, age 64. 

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