Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More about Annie Taylor's 2nd marriage to T. W. Adams

Finally, I am posting the original marriage license and marriage certificate for Annie and T. W. Adams.
It brings to mind more questions and thoughts. This is why it's so good to review documents after a while. They seem to simmer and come to light, occasionally that is. Probably not this time, though. Let's analyze it.

1. All of the handwriting is in the same hand, presumably the minister who conducted the ceremony, or the clerk at the county. The minister's wife was the only witness. Even the signatures that state,"We the groom and the bride named in this certificate, hereby certify that the information given therein is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief," are written in the same hand.

2. So maybe this certificate is not an original, and that someone has copied from the original in order to file it in this book, page 259.  Now, this makes more sense, except that the information written or given is questionable. I wonder how I could obtain the original from Los Angeles County. I'd like to see Annie's handwriting. Her mother, Helen Walker Taylor Traver, signed her name with an X on her testimony at Annie's divorce from Peter Wenzel in Poughkeepsie, New York.

3. Her first marriage was to Peter Wenzel. She stated that her marriage to Adams is her 2nd marriage and that she was a widow, but she is using "Crawford" as her present name. It was customary for a divorced woman to say she was a widow even though her previous husband was still living. Peter Wenzel didn't die until 1935. Who was the Crawford she said had died? Or was she hiding from Peter Wenzel?

This is all very mysterious. But she is still my missing ancestor until I find where she died and was buried.

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